Was there ever a word that you thought should be changed, for whatever reason? Was there ever a word that you thought was needed, but didn’t exist? Well, here is the place to discuss it.

Writers, poets; were you ever writing a piece and you thought ‘I can really use a better/different/new word here. Even in my short writing career, this has happened to me several times. When you multiply several by many thousands, it’s a lot.

English, along with all major languages, is constantly evolving and changing. Let’s be a part of it!

How it works –

Step One — Proposal. You can propose a change and send it over to me davelingo@live.com. If it meets our standards, it will be posted here on the blog.

Step Two — Then other people can comment, debate, argue, and deliberate over your proposal.

Step Three — If it meets enough consensus here, who knows, maybe it will eventually make it into the English language! Hopefully we will attract the attention of real linguists and English PhD’s, to give us more credibility.

But whatever happens, remember, the main thing is to have fun!



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